17th July 2019

Tricks To Maximise Your Storage Space

The paperwork is piling up in the office and it’s become impossible to find tools in the garage. The children’s toys have become a trip hazard and your wardrobe is overflowing, it is definitely time to invest in some more storage.

If you already have cabinets or wardrobes lining the walls then you may be wondering where on earth this extra storage is going to fit. Rather than taking up additional and no doubt precious space, it is a good idea to maximise the storage space that you already have. Here are a few tricks that will help you to get the most out of your storage space:

  • Add shelving - If you’re low on storage and have free wall space, make use of it and add some shelves, keeping your floor space free.
  • Floor to ceiling storage - Built-in drawers and wardrobes will avoid wasting any space. Invest in a step to reach the top if you must - it will take up a lot less space than an additional chest of drawers! 
  •  Mobile shelving systems – Mobile shelving is a great way to maximise storage space. Rows of shelves that move along rails are compacted together, unlike fixed traditional shelving which requires a space between each row. To access a shelf, you must simply slide the rows along to open up the shelf you require.
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