12th June 2018

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Office Space

So, you’ve invested in one of our fantastic mobile shelving systems, and in doing so you’ve opened up a lot of new space in your office.

Gone are the days of squeezing between shelves trying to get to the water cooler – in fact, you’ve ended up with room to spare. Now there’s only one question that needs to be answered: how are you going make the most of it?

Bring People Together with a Communal Area

Once upon a time companies liked to keep their workers neatly partitioned off in little cubicles, leaving them to work independently, but now we’re in the era of interaction between employees, with businesses increasingly encouraging their workers to bump minds and come up new and creative solutions, together. Creating a communal area for meetings – including spontaneous ideas sessions – can be a great way to capitalise on the collective power of your office’s best minds.

Inspire Creativity with Space to Relax

A lot of digital companies have made a name for themselves by inviting their employees to combine work and play, with quirky additions such as slides and mini-golf courses helping people to let off some steam, simultaneously sparking off the creative process. Although a Helter Skelter might be a bit ambitious for most office spaces, a creative company that has found themselves with some extra room could consider bringing in a pool table or some construction toys, as letting workers get in touch with their playful side can help them to start thinking outside of the box.

Cleanse the Air with an Office Plant

Plants provide an incredible boost to the office environment, giving vital oxygen back to the air, helping employees to de-stress, and even increasing productivity – and all of that is in addition to the fact that they will brighten up the space, giving the room an instant makeover. Although pot plants on desks can work fine, when you’ve got the space you can go for something a little more exciting, with spider plants, peace lilies and lemon balm all being popular choices. Incredibly, office plants can even soak up some of the distracting noise produced by phone calls, conversation and buzzing PCs.

There you have it: three productive ways to fill up your office space. If you’re still in need of some storage solutions for your business then we’d love to help – just get in touch at 01444 220290 to find out more!

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