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Storage Space

Tricks To Maximise Your Storage Space

17th July 2019
The paperwork is piling up in the office and it’s become impossible to find tools in the garage. The children’s toys have become a trip hazard and your wardrobe is overflowing, it is definitely time to invest in some more storage.

Mobile Shelving System

Choosing the right mobile shelving system

27th May 2019
Lateral mobile shelving involves cabinets which are positioned in rows, with one directly in front of another. The cabinets at the front can be quickly and easily rolled in either direction, allowing you to gain access to the shelves at the back of the configuration.

Jalema Filing Systems

Advantages of Using Document Storage For Your Business

27th May 2019
Documents are an essential part of any thriving business. Managing your documentation can be challenging if you have several ways of storing them. Depending on what your business is, using document storage can provide a lot of benefits to your company.


Top Storage Tips During A Home Revamp

21st March 2019
More people are choosing to renovate their homes rather than relocate to a new place. We admit that renovating is exciting but it can also be very stressful for the homeowner. Doing this can turn your house upside down, and you'll live with a lot of mess and clutter. But here's the good news you can purchase or rent storage space where you can put your furniture and other belongings to ensure that they don't get damaged during the renovation, furthermore, it also frees up more space for you and the workers to move and work around freely so the job gets done faster.


Six Storage Solutions for a Small Office Space

20th December 2018
Lack of space is a common problem in a small office. The good news is that there are many storage solutions to make the place feel more spacious, convenient, and cosy. Though they cannot replace a full-blown area extension, they do offer their fair share of benefits. Here are some ideas you can start with:


Tips To Clear Your Office Clutter

17th November 2018
From cleaning the kitchen to clearing an area in the living room, most professionals are always organising something even when they're home. However, offices are also considered as private spaces. In reality, office employees sometimes lose touch on productivity and get too relaxed and disorganised.

Pallet Racking Systems

Common Types of Pallet Racking Systems

6th November 2018
Pallet racking systems are essential to not only maximise the storage space of a warehouse but also to provide seamless management of the business.

Mobile Shelving Systems

Advantages of Mobile Shelving

2nd November 2018
Lack of storage space may prove to be detrimental on keeping track of belongings and important documents as it increases downtime and contributes to clutter.

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