Mobile Shelving Installation

Designing and installing the best mobile shelving system for your needs

Installing Mobile Shelving or Roller Racking is a great way to maximise the storage capacity you have on your premises, for boxed files, folders and hung items in a limited space.

Depending on your specific situation – which we can assess during the consultation and design stage – mobile shelving can increase your storage space by up to 95% over traditional static shelving. By reducing the number of aisles required to access your stored items, to a single aisle, this frees-up a huge amount of space for storage use.

Roller Racking / Mobile Shelving can either make more space available for desks, meeting rooms or communal areas for your colleagues… or it can increase your storage capacity without requiring further office expansion. Either way, the shelving installation will improve your business efficiency, the working environment and office usage flexibility.

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We can survey the current static shelving setup you have in place for your document storage, file archiving or retail stockroom and provide solutions and quotes for the best mobile shelving and roller racking systems available.

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