Electric Powered Mobile Shelving

Ideal for affordable document, office and general-purpose storage applications. This easy to operate, electric powered mobile shelving system provides an effortless mobile storage solution and an alternative to a mechanically operated system. Using simple push-buttons to control the low voltage DC power, Easiglide even offers rechargeable battery back-up as standard.

Easiglide solutions ensure correct operation of the mobile shelving system removing the following potential risks:

  • Risk to operators through excessive physical effort
  • Misuse of and subsequent damage to system
  • Risk to other users as the operator is at the closing aisle.

Office and warehouse electric powered mobile shelving systems

Discrete, low profile controls are factory-installed directly within the shelving end panels. Compared to traditional hand-wheels, these do not protrude into the aisle and release more space for use as storage.

Easiglide is easy to install - benefits include:

  • Minimal disruption to your workplace during installation
  • Can be fitted on existing floor coverings
  • Pre-fabricated track and floor system
  • Pre-wired power modules simply plug together, no specialist skill required
  • Plugs into standard 13 amp supply

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Office and warehouse electric powered shelving systems Office and warehouse electric powered shelving systems
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