Applications For Our Mobile Shelving

Our range of mobile shelving systems is truly versatile and can be utilised in a number of applications and environments:

Office Filing

Used in conjunction with our modern and very flexible office shelving system, we can accommodate virtually anything and everything that you may want to store within a busy modern office. Our fully adjustable shelves will efficiently store office filing using Jalema hanging files, A4 document wallets, A4 box files, Foolscap files, lever arch files and archive boxes either directly onto the mobile office shelving or via pull out Jalema filing cradles or pull out drawers. We have a wide selection of shelf depths and widths available and most shelving can have lockable double doors or tambour doors fitted for added security for more expensive items or personal records or data storage.

Archive Storage

Bankers boxes or Archive boxes can be accommodated within heavy duty shelving located on roller racking. Using wide spans and high racking frames, we can optimise the storage space required to store you archive boxes. Save space and money storing your archived documents.

Medical Records Storage

With the ever growing need for efficient and flexible storage of medical records and patient notes, we offer mobile shelving specifically designed for the storage of medical records using Lloyd George medical records, A4 folders or x-ray storage files within Hospitals or within a Doctors Surgery both through the NHS or private medical providers.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

The range of storage required within Education is huge. We offer a range of products to be used in schools and Universities from mobile shelving for office filing of records and general office storage. Our modern flexible mobile library shelving can be manufactured to meet your very specific requirements for the storage of Books, Manuscripts, Journals or Ledgers. Modern finishes and colours mean you can create the look and feel required for your mobile library shelving. We have stored paper and card for Art departments and Musical Instruments and written music for a Music departments also rolling racking for Science laboratories for the storage of materials and equipment and dry goods and provisions for a school canteen stores. Where ever there is a need for high density storage within Education, we have a storage solution to match it.

Media Film and Tape Storage

We offer high density storage for Multi media DVD’s, CD’s, VHS and Digibeta (beta and digibeta) tape storage as well as conventional film cans. Specially produced shelves are manufactured to provide maximum space utilisation within mobile tape and video libraries.

Retail shelving and stockroom shelving

Given the limited space available for the storage of stock within the ‘back of shop’ stockroom within shops and retail premises, we have a range of retail shelving products that utilise every available bit of space for the storage of your valuable stock. The use mobile shelving provides compact and easily accessed retail shelving, which will save your staff time accessing your stock and aid accurate picking of goods from stockroom shelving.

Museum Storage

Storage of a Museum collection often comes with its own unique challenges. Often Museums have a mixture of delicate and fragile artefacts through too large and bulky display items which have very specific storage requirements. We aim to provide expert knowledge and experience that meets both the storage requirements and the museums very sympathetic needs of its collections.

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