How much does Mobile Shelving cost?

As with any type of storage equipment or shelving system, the mobile shelving systems price can vary a lot depending on what your requirements are.

Obviously, there are all sorts of rolling shelving units available – some better quality than others – to suit all budgets.

When assessing your business storage needs and your budget, it’s good to think about the following points:

How much flexible shelving do you actually need to run your business?

This sounds obvious, but maybe you don’t actually need to be storing as much paperwork as you think? Could some of it be discarded or even scanned and digitised? If you’re thinking about investing in Mobile Shelving, you’re obviously thinking about being more efficient, so maybe this is also a good time to have a clear out.

What will your future growth demand in terms of shelving space?

It’s quite likely your business will grow in the years to come, so it’s essential you make sure you accommodate those additional shelving units into your long term plan. Although installing mobile shelving is a quick and simple process… it’s good to be prepared, just in case you have a quick ‘boom’ in your sales.

Quality vs. quantity vs. budget

It’s a perfectly logical requirement to get as much of the best quality shelving possible, for the best price. But if your budget doesn’t stretch quite as far as you thought, or you’re happy to go with a more affordable product, we can tailor the mobile shelving installation to meet your needs.

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