Media Film & Tape Storage

When you’re looking for high-quality media film storage systems or tape storage solutions, the delicate nature of the film is probably at the very front of your mind – any storage system you use needs to be capable of giving your film and tape a secure environment in which it won’t be exposed to anything which could prove damaging.

This is exactly what we are here to provide for you: a dedicated storage system which allows you to feel confident in the knowledge that the temperature, lighting and humidity are all at the correct level, stopping anything being erased from your tapes, or them becoming unusable. This allows you to preserve your film and tape for longer, no matter what you need to record!

Media Film Storage that Offers Increased Efficiency

Keeping your tapes and film in top notch condition means returning them to storage whenever they’re not in use, and an efficient system which is user-friendly and simple to operate can make the job much easier!

Our media film storage and tape storage systems are also designed to save room, allowing you to fit as much as possible into a compact area and avoiding wasting any of that most precious resource: space. They can also help to save time, by ensuring that everything is properly organised so that you never have to spend ages hunting out the media items that you need.

Contact Shelf Space for the Perfect Tape Storage Solutions

Whatever you need your media film storage to do, we’ll work with you to come up with a solution that gets results – whether that means finding a storage system which will make the best use out of a smaller space, or choosing the most appropriate option for an unusually shaped item. Regardless of your needs, you can get in touch today, online or at 01444 220290, to find tape storage and other storage solutions which suit you!

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